19 February 2011

drop in the ocean


  1. I can almost smell the water.
    And I could get lost for a long time,
    staring at it.
    Just as the real stuff.
    All I need is a breeze.
    And maybe... well...
    Some Sun. :-) X

  2. o,i understand you
    i need sun too...
    and peaceful weekend...

  3. I wish this all for you
    dear Raycho!
    And a whole lot more of
    goodness and happyness!
    Actually, the sun just comes
    trough the clouds here!
    Thank you! :-)

  4. Hé Raycho...
    What happened to previous photo???
    The 'Reloaded' photo.
    It was one of my favorites.
    That's not very nice of you!
    But, I forgive you, because of your newest photo.