18 February 2011


  1. This is the most amazing picture I have ever seen!
    My god, It's SO beautiful...
    Raycho, the proposal... ? "-)

  2. thank's, Najda!
    i don't know what to say...maybe must to criticize me because i feel strangely already...
    i'm not so good...
    i try learn much more!
    by the way i don't like make a self portrait but this time i think that it present my condition

  3. Strange...
    I already thought it could be a self portrait.
    That's really... amazingly!
    You have even more of
    my respect now!
    And, wow... a great body on top
    of the great mind too! :-))
    You are good!
    Just keep doing what you do!
    Please! :-)
    I cannot criticise on you when you are so good.

  4. i know that you say everythink what you think...
    and when you must criticise -you will do it.

  5. Oke, I say it here:
    Speechless about the new photograph!

  6. thank's!

    generally i don't have a habit to eplain
    at my photograph but this time i say something...

    my name in bulgarian means a SUN...
    ... i reloaded from him...

    in this case it's a metaphor
    i reloaded from yourself !

  7. A name worthy for you!
    Appreciate the story.
    You manage to reload me too!
    Thank you dear Raycho!

  8. yay, you are amazing...
    when you sleep?
    you answer at the anytimes...

  9. Never! because, I am glued to the laptop! "-)
    I am a night person, always been.
    But I won't answer in the mornings!
    But by noon I can pull my eyes open wide enough!
    Never sleep very much though.
    Hey, you can always tell me to shut up!
    Oke? :-)

  10. Actually, you keep me awake with the amazing photographs!
    It's your own fault! "-)
    I leave you now.
    But I wanted to say: They keep amazing me...
    The light is really fantastic dear Raycho, my star! I already found your name so beautiful without knowing it's meaning...
    Thank you, for everything! :-)

  11. а ето тази аз я искам в голям размер за разпечатване!

  12. Nadja,i know that it's my fault!
    and realy sorry :)
    thank you for a kind words!
    maybe now you sleep but wish you have a nice day!

  13. Яна, ще ти я изпратя ,само да погледна да ли е в голям размер(нямам навик да ги пазя за разпечатка)

  14. Awake again! It was a restless night. "-)
    But I'm fine now! Thank You!
    And a very very happy day for you too! :-))

  15. Update: :-)
    All things said previously, are still true.
    These pictures keep amazing me.
    Incredible images. XXX

  16. Много,много ми харесва !