25 August 2011


  1. .... Wow...
    Amazing photos. Really cool...
    The newest design of your blog is also beautiful.
    But, I liked the first new version, the most.
    Big XXX Raycho!

  2. dearest!

    miss you,
    I glade to see you

    the first design is a good but
    i wish to find the best


  3. I miss you too Raycho!
    You are always welcome, you know that.
    But, I will write you a mail and question you,
    about your vacation and live and love and...
    It will be as if you never missed me at all! ...
    Yes, it's good that you try out new styles for your blog!
    It's very nice to find the surprises, when one visits, too.
    Take care of yourself, Raycho!
    See you soon! Big warm XXX!

  4. This is a great blog. I like you beautiful photo work very much.