11 April 2011

no name


  1. Oké Raycho...
    This is just... super fantastic!
    A masterpiece. No less! :-))
    Your technique is stunningly good!
    No idea what, or how you did this....
    Don't say!
    Admiration and respect Raycho! :-))
    Maybe you hear me again admire you more
    when I'm less speachless... "-))

  2. Thank you!

    You know what I say!

  3. I know what you say, yes Raycho...
    You are so modest. That's a good thing.
    But really... Raycho...
    Sometimes a person just has to take
    a good deep look at himself and admit that...
    He made a piece of Art! :-)))
    The technique is really very good.
    I had to study it hard, just to get an idea, what you did exactly.
    It's amazing how all the different structures flow in each other and make the image
    a real enigma.
    Not just the tech stuff, but as an image, full of story and meaning too.
    It looks just fantastic!
    Love Raycho, and XXX