23 February 2011

Aramis waiting 
other two musketeers


  1. One for all and all for one! :-)
    I really love the look on the face here...
    I would give a whole lot to read his thoughts...
    Think the path of his thoughts will lead far away...

  2. reminds me of Aramis for a many reasons...
    the look is everythin in picture...

  3. Aramis...Hmm...
    If I was this young noble lady,
    I probably would not mind letting him pick my flower in
    the abbey- gardens...
    And let him whisper his doubtfull prayers...
    Before he moves on to the next victim.

  4. Just one of my 'remnants of brain'- waves...
    It hit me after reading about Aramis...
    Worst part is: I think it's funny at the time.
    Sorry that I put all this nonsence on your beautiful blog, Raycho.
    I hope one day I can tell a good joke...
    I practice a lot, but... :-)
    (I have never read the musketeer- books.
    Have the 'Black tulip' from Dumas here. I loved that!
    Maybe I should read more again, and write less...) X

  5. Thank you!
    You mean the comments
    or the garden walk?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Sorry!
    The mouse is worn out
    from all the Photoshopping.
    Acts strange.
    That's why the double comment.
    And my enthousiasme to hear
    from you too maybe.

  8. Hmm... No answer...
    Think I will have to try the
    more subtle noble lady- approach,
    to get that "garden- walk".

  9. Damned!
    Wrong picture
    on my account
    How the h... did
    I do that?

  10. Oke, Raycho,
    I'm sorry, but I'm going to use
    your blog as a test- site.
    Nothing nuclear, just for my picture.
    I can't leave it to this!
    Only half my picture on your blog...
    Strange that it shows the whole
    picture on my blog but not on yours.
    Feel free to remove my test.
    (And the other nonsense, for that matter... :-)
    Anyway, here we go.
    Testing 1 2 3...

  11. That looks no good.
    testing again 1 2 3...
    I'm sorry!
    And thank you!

  12. the last acount picture look interesting...

  13. Thank you dear raycho!
    Think I will keep this one.
    Especially now that you said that.
    :-)) XXX

  14. Oh yes... Raycho,
    I tryed to clean up here...
    But that did not help...
    The account photo stayed. Haha...
    I am ashamed for all the mess..
    The half pictures and all that...
    And the tests, nuclear or not...
    The cursing... :-(

  15. i think that is very good with a messages...
    include and your test!


  16. Oké then.
    I you can live with it...
    Me too. :-)
    Thank you Raycho!
    Big warm hug and XXX

  17. Ah! The pictures are not half
    anymore! But still...
    Horribly ugly. :-)
    I really apreciate it Raycho:
    You really take me as I am.
    Mess and all.
    You are SO sweet!
    I love you! XXX