30 December 2010

ей така бяло

Без да отдавам много значение на
Новата година
искам да
пожелая на всички здраве и все повече
да бъдат себе си!


  1. It is a bit late. But here I go:
    I wish you a lot of sun and very much love in your life!
    I wish you a super good health!
    I wish you will keep photographing an showing your fantastic images on the blog!
    I wish you will keep growing as a person and an artist!
    I wish you all the confidence you need to explore you fantastic talents!
    I wish you will be so convinced of your talents as I am!
    And, I wish an autograph, before you are to big and famous! "-)
    My admiration Raycho!
    I love you! :-)

  2. yay,thank's for a great greeting!
    i realy happy to hear this words...
    i'm happy that you are direct and preyerful person...
    i know that people like you are so little bit of crowd and i say again :i'm happy to met you!
    ...i wish your greeting for me be true to you twice...

  3. Oke, can I have that
    autograph now then??? "-))
    I am very happy that I met you too!
    And I feel strange too when looking at your photographs! :-))
    Thank you dearest Raycho!
    I hope you are feeling well.

  4. autograph- you kidding!

    i give autograph everytime you wish
    but i don't understand for this...
    maybe one day when i come to Belgium with hichthiking trip i give you...
    or when you come to Bulgaria...

  5. No kidding! Soon you will be too rich and famous.
    And you won't know the little people anymore, maybe. :-)
    But, you will always have a place to stay when you would visit this very small country!
    And the autograph: you could place it on my belly and I could have it tattood! :-))
    I'm sorry, you know already I am a bit crazy right.
    And yes, especially crazy about you! :-))

  6. yep,you are crazy...
    i say it because i put another point it...
    better regardless of the assumed total...