2 September 2010

есенен портрет


  1. I am looking for the self portraits, that you don't like to do.
    I might be terribly mistaken but I always suspected this to be one.
    One of the many... ? No? :-)
    Fishing! I am a very curious girl. :-)

  2. this one is self ...
    and don't worry
    a'm not sulk for this ...

  3. Thank you for "putting me out of my misery"! :-)
    You look amazing! X!
    Very special, just as I expected. :-)
    By the way, your profile picture is super too! I just LOVE the hair. :-)

  4. Oh, sorry, me again.
    If you have not guessed, the lips on your newest picture gave you away.
    It confirmed my suspicion. Don't know why I thougt that.
    You look so totaly different every time.
    The current profile- picture, the previous, this one.
    A photograph can be a weird thing isn't it?
    Just as our perception of reality is. Anyway.
    I guess. :-)

  5. I have this very small
    outside- place at my home.
    House or high wall on each side.
    There's just 1 tree in the neighbours gardens.
    Always leafs at my place.
    And I'm happy about it, it's nature.
    Smells good. Cats play with them.
    I give you 1 chance to guess what tree it is!
    Whenever I step outside...

  6. I thought it was time to look at your whole blog again. And indeed, it was! :-)) You keep amazing me, Raycho! You, strange man. The new lay out of your blog is really super fantastic! SO COOL! Beautiful! I always loved that photograph! I had downloaded it from your old account photo. Very small, but still, I had it. And still have it of course. :-)) I hope everything is oké with you, Raycho! My guess: It is! Keep it up! Have fun! Big warm XXX!

  7. Hey,crazy my friend!
    Everything is fine.
    I just watching and listening...everything

    I'm pleased that you like it new style in my blog
    i send to you big warm too...